… in color and craftsmanship …

A classic bridal chair from the previous millennium.

A sign of having a special place in the new household.

What a joy it expresses. Maybe a bride will get it again? That would be wonderful!

Symbols with a protective meaning such as swirl rosette, six-pointed star, hearts. Depictions of animals are at the end of the backrest posts, sometimes swans, geese or lions. Decorated with flat carving and openwork carving. Bridal chairs of this type were typical in Central Germany. The backrest posts are continued as rear legs and are inclined. The seat is woven and the legs are turned. The backrest is held in place by ornate crossbars and has turned and flat bars. The frame is also decorated.


We were able to acquire the rare bridal chair from a Viennese collection. It has already been through several owners and was very much appreciated.

Comparable bridal chairs can be looked up in the book “Alte geschnitzte Bauernmöbel” by Gislind M. Ritz.