Restoring antique farmhouse furniture

The work of restoration is a constant interplay between craftsmanship and intellectual effort. We enter into a permanent dialogue with every antique object, and our aim is always to discover its essence. We treat antique farmhouse furniture with the greatest respect and escort it through the restoration process with endless care and attention; this sometimes involves dealing with a stylish object of everyday use and at others we are privileged to have in our hands an object of significance in the history of art.

Restoration means patience and care

Every single piece of antique furniture is discussed in the team. Our work together is characterized by the input of our combined experience extending over a great many years, and also by our continuous reflection and assessment of the nature of craftsmanship. On the one hand we have an established rhythm in our approach determined by routine procedures, while on the other every single turn of the hand is carefully considered at each moment of contact for its suitability and correctness. In this powerful correlation, restorers bring a great deal of themselves into the antique object. New circumstances and conditions arise constantly in this encounter and have the nature of an endless process.

Restoration with love for every single piece of furniture

Almost all the superb items we deal with are the works of anonymous masters and our research work is on reference objects. The eye we have for these has been cultivated and sharpened through many years of experience. Our aim is to approach the original as closely as we possibly can. The claim that “restoring forces the making of compromises” is one that I can share, because even when you work with the utmost care with items from the past the causal relationship is changed. Our overriding intention is always to serve the character of an antique furnishing to the greatest extent possible.

Restoration triggers feelings of happiness

Our work process is one of careful and measured steps and demands patience. Restoration can require an almost endless input of work. An unconditional commitment is essential for achieving a cohesive unity. Craftsmanship is truly far more than mere technical practice. Restoration is a creative activity that generates an exhilarating joy by which an inner commitment to an object is established and in this material and the immaterial values are united.

Gabriele Prödl-Posch