Opening “seed box”

"remain seated or stand up" - worth thinking about 22nd of May 2019
29. July 2019

design chairs at Posch Antiques

We do have original design chairs from the 20th centrury designed by Jacobsen, Saarinen, Eames, Bätzner, Panton, Magistretti, Rainer, Starck [....]
28. July 2019

Guided tours at Posch Antiquitäten

Newspaper articles made people asking us about guided tours through our showrooms, workshop and paint removal facilities. It`s wonderful feelling people`s enthusiasm [....]
20. September 2018

Here has any object character

Hidden, but in the middle of the main center there is a treasure trove. Witnesses of several centuries live [ ...]
13. April 2018

Fiere di Parma

It`s the first time that we take part in Europe`s biggest antique fair. There is an unbelievable density of [ .... ]
4. February 2018

Press: A "showroom" like a museum

It doen`t happen often that words like "breathtaking" comes to a journalists mind. But sometimes it happens [ .... ]
29. January 2018

Birkfeld counts 248 companies!

The development association of Birkfeld draws attention to the fact that [...]
29. January 2018

Styrian Female Entrepreneur of the Year 2017

Award gala at the Economic Chamber of Styria on 4 October 2017 [...]
19. October 2017

The making of our website

It was a delight to have Paula and her unbridled spontaneity bringing Indie and Naeli into the [...]
1. August 2017

The more digital our world the more analogue our dreams

Traditional craftsmanship is now valued and appreciated more than ever and not least as a counterpoint to our digital world of today. Small and medium sized producers are asserting themselves and [...]
21. July 2017

Wohnen mit Antiquitäten

Immer schon gab es Sammler von Antiquitäten, die dicht gedrängt ihre Kostbarkeiten in ihren Wohnräumlichkeiten schlichteten. Es geht immer um das einzelne antike Unikat , gar nicht um den Einrichtungsgedanken. Bewundernd gehe ich durch deren Räume und erfreue mich daran, dass ich als Händlerin immer wieder dazu beitragen kann, eine Sammlung zu […]
4. July 2017