Christmas card from Carolee to Georg and Mono

I photographed the Christmas card this year at an exhibition in the Werner Berg Museum in Bleiburg/Pliberk in Carinthia. It was the exhibition about Kiki Kogelnik, who spent her childhood and youth in Bleiburg and throughout her life always liked to visit the place. Kogelnik is buried there.



Photographs, films, letters and personal objects gave insight into Kogelnik`s life. During my visit I felt a friendly connection because I met Kogelnik`s son Mono at our store in Birkfeld. He was recommended to us. Coming directly from New York, he got fully involved with the farmhouse furniture. Enthusiastically, he walked through the showrooms and was amazed.

In 1997, a few weeks after Kiki passed away, friend Carolee wrote this Christmas card to Mono’s father Georg and Mono:

Dear George – / Heart broken to lose / beautiful Kiki; she / was a / vibrant / inspiring / beauty in / life + / art + / friendship. / We hoped / to grow / old + / wild / together … / + see / our / work / flourish. / Her / spirit is / with us. All loving / thoughts / to / you / + Mono – / Carolee