… stands in our garden

Grain and seeds were stored in the “Troadkasten”, and meat and sausages were also hung up to dry. The storage building was within sight of the farmhouse, but apart to protect it from fire. My parents set up a “Troadkasten” in our garden 40 years ago.

It comes from Strallegg, 10 km from Birkfeld, was removed there and rebuilt here. The individual components were numbered and reassembled according to a plan.

The Troadkasten is around 200 years old, built in block construction, has an elaborately sawn balcony, a tram ceiling and a solid wooden door with a lock. The building now serves as a “drying chamber” for valuable herbs that my mom tends and harvests in her beloved herb garden and brings to the “Häuserl” to dry.

All year round there is tea, herbs for seasoning and herbal salt mixed by my mom, which tastes delicious on a sandwich. When our employee Käthe pampers us again with her home-made farmhouse bread and Frieda surprises us with home-made butter, then it is the best snack. Customers also appreciate the taste and smell of the unadulterated ingredients.

Marigolds, sage, marshmallow, lemon balm, chamomile, parsley, garlic herb, lovage, nettle, thyme, marjoram, rosemary and much more.

They grow in the garden in abundance, the herbs are carefully picked and scattered in baskets or on towels that I have known from my childhood. Every now and then they are turned over and then stored in little paper bags that my mom puts on with her handwriting, which I have always liked. To make it easier for my mom to have a rest, we will soon be putting a sofa in the house. We have already discovered it in our stock. It just has to be upholstered. Because far too seldom do I see my mom resting.