… story was written.

Awarded the first prize

Last summer my mom and my son Gabriel made it onto the front page of the weekly newspaper “DIE ZEIT”. My son writes regularly for “DIE ZEIT”.

Please read the report, it will open your heart.

Link: Free Oma” von Gabriel in DIE ZEIT


My son’s text was awarded first prize in the Austrian magazine prize in the “Young Talent” category. Last week, Gabriel received the award in the Federal Chancellery, presented by Minister Susanne Raab.

Gabriel was allowed to take one guest with him. My mom was the chosen one. And they drove up on the motorbike.

Many who read the report in summer asked whether the trip had already been made up because it had to be interrupted due to a tire burst. Yes, of course. They left a few weeks later and it was even nicer because my daughter Paula accompanied them both. Just like when they were kids. The three spent a whole day at the zoo. How wonderful. Only this time, Paula, as the new driver’s license holder, followed in the car.Zeitschriftenpreis

Don’t you agree that the two give the impression that this is just the beginning …