farmhouse cabinet dated 1784

Farmhouse cabinets of this type have a mysterious quality. They conceal several levels, not all motifs are clearly recognizable, the colour canon is multi-layered. The cabinet is a studded cabinet in its construction, the cornice is restrained, the profiled strip underneath emphasizes the fine touch of this cabinet. The lock, key and fittings are classic from this period. The Jesus monogram and the year of origin, 1784, can be read between the panels. The upper panel shows Mary with the infant Jesus surrounded by flowers. A stylized bouquet of flowers was painted in the lower panel. The painting in the panels is touching, or rather, poignant. Geometric motifs cover the cabinet. Below the profile strip, I interpret a row of black chalices. All the motifs are there and yet not there. A cabinet that lets you feel and discover so much.

W/D/H: 120 / 55 / 163 cm
stock code: 2013-SC-13