bemalter Bauernschrank

painted baroque cabinet

The baroque cabinet combines many typical features of its time. The stepped cornice, the slanted pilaster strips even have panels, the door with its panels and characteristic fittings. The shape of the panels is particularly noteworthy: they wrap around the panels in a supple and charming manner. The flower bouquets match the style of the cabinet. It is a cabinet that wants to be seen. It is self-confident and its basic color is blue. It knows that this color is popular. The drawer with its profiled frame and characterful knob is a beautiful and practical element. The marbling, significant for the period of origin, can be found in the cornice, in the pilaster strips, on the drawer and on the skirting board. The owner’s initials (M and S) and the year of origin, 1736, are delicately visible in the frieze.


W/D/H: 140 / 74 / 177 cm
stock code: 2014-SC-03