kleines Kästchen

painted small wall cupboard

The charming small wall cupboard is dated 1771 in the frieze. The craftsman has understood his craft and has created a small, fine work of art. Both the design and the craftsmanship, as well as the painting, are special and outstandingly successful. The baroque filling with the stylized flowers and the heart are in the center. The stepped cornice, the profiled moldings, the sloping pilaster strips and the drawer define the piece of furniture. The paste painting as a primer and the use of the unusual blue for the tendrils in the pilaster strips, the date and the background color in the panel make the small piece of furniture unmistakable. The baroque fittings, lock and key emphasize the character. Inside there is another surprise with the two small painted drawers.

W/D/H: 63 / 33 / 72 cm
stock code: 2013-HÄ-02