bemalter Bauernschrank

painted bridal wardrobe

Rosalia married in 1857 and was richly endowed with a beautiful bridal wardrobe, which is in fantastic original condition. Every little rose, every letter has been preserved. The small painted peasant cupboard gives a sense of the love and joy that this cupboard was originally intended to express. This is one of the secrets of antique rustic furniture: all the joyful emotions that were originally put into the furniture have an infinite effect. Text in the stepped cornice: “I am called Rosalia Zellingerinn, heaven is my fatherland, paradise is my pleasure garden, whether all the angels are waiting for me. Ano 1857” Text between the panels: “No roses have bloomed as finely as my heart in love with you. My heart, which burns like an ember, knows not what yours does. If the heart burns like mine, love will be eternal.” A piece of furniture that warms the heart and softens the soul.

W/D/H: 110 / 50 / 188 cm
stock code: 2013-SC-14