Dear Ms. Nitsch, nice, that you were in our shop in Birkfeld again! See you this week in Vienna. I’m looking forward to it and I’m curious what you will show me. But now to the exhibition that you recommended to me:


Schüttbilder by Hermann Nitsch

In his current works, Hermann Nitsch surprises with new, strong, bright color compositions. They are poured paintings with acrylic on canvas with a relief-like feel. I am familiar with the works with blood on canvas, some are with acrylic and blood.

Hermann NitschHermann Nitsch

Hermann Nitsch is a co-founder of Vienna Actionism and, as an actionist, painter, graphic artist, composer and stage designer, is one of the most versatile contemporary artists. Hermann Nitsch became internationally known through his Orgies Mysteries Theater at the end of the 1960s. This summer a “6 day play” is to be held at the artist’s private residence in Prinzendorf. The action theater lasts 6 days and 6 nights and corresponds in its length to the story of creation. Action theater that engages all 5 senses.

Gabriele PoschHermann Nitsch