Holy Spirit Dove

The idea of ​​the miracle of Pentecost is a powerful image for me: A mighty roar falls from heaven and fills the house of the faithful. Tongues appear, flames of fire that settle on people. People start speaking in different languages. They suddenly speak the words in such a way that they can understand each other. The miracle of Pentecost as a celebration of mutual understanding.

I wish us all a spirit that liberates, encourages, empowers and transforms.

Heiligen Geist Taube

At the moment we can offer an 18th century Holy Spirit Dove with a gilded aureole in the shop. The condition is perfect. Pigeons of this type are hung above the table, or in the middle of the room on the ceiling, or above a cradle.

The dove as a symbol of love, peace and reconciliation. The dove as the bearer of the good news about the habitability of the earth in the Old Testament with Noah. The dove as a symbol at the baptism of Jesus in John: I saw that the spirit came down from heaven like a dove and stayed on him. The bird as an element between heaven and earth.