… ceramics were indispensable in everyday life as well as on holidays

I am always happy to work with young people when they are interested in our antique objects. This time it was Mrs. Mag. Annemarie Seitinger’s class who wanted to deal with ceramics. I put together a selection of our ceramics, which I could use to explain typical colors and shapes of different regions. Since I recently bought a collection in Kröning (Bavaria), a center of pottery in the 18th and 19th centuries, I was able to show unusual Austrian ceramics as well as special objects from Kröning.

It was important to me to combine factual knowledge with real objects that the students have in front of them, to enjoy the special shapes and colors and, above all, to take time to look. After what I said, each student chose a favorite vessel to draw. The next job they will do is work in the school workshop and model their own ceramics. I’m curious to see how far our artifacts affect the designs. In any case, I’m looking forward to the exhibition in our shop at the end of the semester!