Bauernkasten bemalt

austrian antique painted farmhouse cupboard

The farmer’s cupboard is dated 1872. It has a veneer painting as a primer. The front is divided into fields, some of which are painted on, others are constructive. The door panels are painted with lovely wreaths of flowers and show the monogram of Jesus and Mary in the middle. IHS stands for “in hoc signum” (Latin) and means “in the sign of Jesus”. The profiled cornice is painted marbled, the base is simple. The drawer with the iron rings is appealing both visually and in terms of usability. The fittings increase the value of the farmer’s cupboard. The accentuation of the narrow, inclined pilaster strips with painted fluting is a further delicacy. I would be happy to show you the nifty secret compartments of this wedding cabinet.

W/D/H: 140 / 65 / 192 cm
stock code: 2010-SC-14