Removing paint and residual lye from soft wood

Paint and residual lye must frequently be removed from late 19th century soft wood furniture and is one area of our outstanding expertise in dealing with antiques from the 17th to the 19th centuries.

Removing paint from furniture sometimes means carefully dealing with many coats that have been applied to the item for generations. This work will then reveal a piece of furniture in its original condition. When this is followed by restoration and a suitable surface treatment a forgotten item can re-emerge in unexpected beauty and be transformed into a useful, atmospheric and valuable furnishing.


We offer the service of paint removal work not only for furniture, but also for structural elements such as window frames, doors etc. The equipment in our specialized facility enables us to do this work in an environmentally friendly and swift process at very reasonable prices.

We are the reliable partner for painters and decorators, renovators, restorers of historic buildings and architects.

Private customers who entrust their furnishings to us for removal work of this kind, often do the restoration work and finishing themselves. The pleasure taken in practical work done oneself and the pleasing used look achieved make such furniture an altogether priceless addition to your home.

Gabriele Prödl-Posch

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