DIE ZEIT on 4th of August 2021

Free Grandma

“As a young woman, the grandmother of our author always dreamed of a motorcycle – now he has bought one and picked her up with it.” by Gabriel Proedl

Gabriel Prödl

“When I was about eight years old, you told me the story of motorcycles. You always wanted one. You love the sound, engines in general, cars and tractors too. And you love independence, freedom – at least the idea of ​​it. As one of the first women in your area you have …”

Gabriel Prödl

“… I promised you: When I grow up, I’ll get my driver’s license. And then we go to the zoo together. The zoo was the most beautiful place I knew back then. I never got the driver’s license. “Now I’m 22 and you’re 79, and I think we shouldn’t wait any longer,” I say. “And your driver’s license?” you ask. “I’ll do it. As soon as possible. We’ll leave this summer, I promise. “And you’ll buy a motorcycle?” you ask. “Yes”, I say, “we’ll buy one, then we can ride as often as we want. ”

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