Freud`s Dining Room – Furniture moves memory

Pschoanalyst Anna Freud, Sigmund Freud`s daughter, loved austrian antique painted farmhouse furniture and even took them with them when they went to exile in London.

Anna Freud explained their meaning like this: “In the context of forced human displacement people carry only what they need for subsistence and exchange purposes but also, if they can, articles of sentimental value which both inscribe and are inscribed by their own memories of self and personhood.”

I like the term “memory objects” and the subtitle of the exhibition catalog about Freud`s furniture “Furniture moves memory”. One could well philosophize about it. I would be happy if you write me your thoughts on this.

The painted country furniture can be viewed in the Freud Museum London.


Anna Freud bemalte Bauernmöbel


Anna Freud is less known as a poem. A book tip from me is “Anna Freud – Poems, Prose, Translations” by Prof. Dr. Brigitte Spreitzer in the böhlau publishing house.